Supporting unemployed people in Lancashire into work


The Escalate tool helps individuals find support to get them back into work. By simply answering a brief set of questions, it is easy to discover nearby opportunities that help upskill and escalate people into employment.

Referral organisations also utilise the tool to help individuals return to work. They can identify projects that cater to the specific needs of individuals based on their responses to a few straightforward questions.

Who is it for?

This tool can support individuals and referral agencies across Lancashire in their search for a course which is right for them and linked to their employment goals.

How does it work?

By accessing the system and answering a few simple questions about an individuals goals the Tool will provide them with the most suitable course/project.

What is available?

There are a great variety of projects available such as Skills Bootcamps and pre-employment programmes to provide individuals with endless opportunities to upskill and connect with Lancashire employers.


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