Lancashire Skills Bootcamps – For Employers

Secure the talent that you need to grow or upskill your existing workforce with Skills Bootcamps

Lancashire Skills Bootcamps for Employers

Our Skills Bootcamps programme are designed to deliver high-impact, industry-aligned training that empowers businesses and individuals to navigate the evolving economic landscape.

What are Skills Bootcamps?

Skills Bootcamps are intensive, short-term training programmes designed to equip learners with the in-demand skills that align with current industry requirements. This transformative initiative, based in Lancashire, is part of the UK government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs.

Courses are delivered by our trusted training providers, ensuring a blend of high-quality, practical instruction, and hands-on, industry-relevant experience. Each Bootcamp lasts between 12-16 weeks, with a commitment to flexible learning that can be undertaken part-time or online, to meet the demands of modern business and personal lifestyles.

Recruit a Skills Bootcamp Graduate

Harness the Power of Motivation and Skill

When you recruit from our pool of Skills Bootcamp graduates, you are not just employing individuals who have the technical capabilities that your business needs, but people who have demonstrated a recent, strong, and highly-motivated desire to work in the tech industry.

Every graduate has completed an intensive training program that elevates their skills to Levels 3-5 (equivalent of A-level to Foundation Degree). This ensures that they possess both the theoretical knowledge and practical know-how to immediately contribute to your team.

Meet the Skill Gaps in Your Organisation

One of the unique features of our Skills Bootcamps is their alignment with the local and national skills gaps. We have carefully selected each Bootcamp because of its potential to address a significant skill deficiency in the region’s industries. By recruiting our graduates, you can effectively and rapidly fill these gaps in your team, increasing productivity and enhancing your competitive edge.

Eliminate Agency or Job Marketing Fees

By choosing to recruit from our Skills Bootcamp graduates, you can also significantly reduce your recruitment costs. There are no agency or job marketing fees to worry about. Instead, you gain direct access to a ready pool of skilled and motivated individuals eager to demonstrate their capabilities in the real-world environment of your business.

Invest in the future of your business by recruiting our highly trained and motivated Skills Bootcamp graduates. They are the talent your company needs to thrive in an increasingly competitive tech industry.

Unleash Potential of Existing Staff

Meet the Skill Gaps in Your Organisation

The rapidly evolving tech landscape necessitates an adaptable workforce that can thrive amidst changing demands. By placing your staff on a Skills Bootcamp, you can ensure that your organisation stays ahead of your competition and continues to grow.

Boost Skills, Drive Growth

Skills Bootcamps can effectively fill skill gaps within your organisation. The training programmes offer your employees an opportunity to acquire advanced, industry-relevant skills that can significantly contribute to your company’s growth. Not only does this ensure that your team is equipped to meet the current industry demands, but it also prepares them for future challenges and innovations.

Low Cost, High Value, Staff Development

Small-and-medium-sized businesses (those with fewer than 250 employees) are expected to contribute just 10% of the cost of a Skills Bootcamp, while larger businesses contribute just 30%. This makes the Skills Bootcamps an affordable way for you to elevate your employees’ skill sets and productivity.

Improved Staff Retention

Investing in your employees’ skills and career development shows them that you value their contribution and are interested in their growth. Employees are likely to feel more committed and loyal to a company that invests in their development, resulting in a reduction in recruitment costs and a more stable, motivated workforce.

By enrolling your staff in a Skills Bootcamp, you are taking a proactive approach to meeting your organisation’s skills needs and positioning your business for sustained success. Our Skills Bootcamps programme provides an effective, economical, and valuable means of enhancing your team’s capabilities, motivating your workforce, and driving your company’s growth.

Forthcoming Skills Bootcamps

Quality of Training

The Skills Bootcamps programme is funded by the Department for Education.  Courses are designed and delivered by professionals who possess deep industry expertise. Our offer is carefully curated to align with the requirements of Lancashire’s key growth sectors, ensuring that our graduates are armed with the skills that businesses like yours truly need.

Training providers work closely with local employers, industry bodies, and sector experts to keep training up-to-date and relevant. This constant alignment with industry trends and standards ensures that graduates are well-equipped to hit the ground running.

Your Role as an Employer

As an employer, your input is crucial. We value your insights into industry needs and encourage you to contribute to shaping our course content. By partnering with us, you’ll have a direct role in preparing the next generation of talent, ensuring that they possess the skills that are essential for the growth and success of your business.

Join the Skills Revolution

In a rapidly changing business landscape, the need for skilled employees is more crucial than ever. Join us in this skills revolution, and let us help your business thrive. Discover how our Skills Bootcamps can benefit your company today.

For further information or to discuss potential partnerships, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we can drive Lancashire’s growth, one skilled individual at a time.