Working and want to learn new skills or upskill yourself?

Links to organisations and schemes that can help you learn new skills.


Information that can help

The web links below give you information about schemes and organisations that can help you learn new skills or support your health & wellbeing whether you are in work or returned to work from being furloughed.

National Careers Service on a yellow background
Gain additional skills including maths, English and ICT. Explore training, learning or volunteering. Get advice about wellbeing and preparing to return to workplace from the National Careers Service.
Find a course near you, and also search the Skills Toolkit to find free online courses, tools and resources.
Digital SkillsPartnership on a yellow background
Need to improve your digital skills? Details of free training in digital skills and access to digital tools through the Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership.
Lancashire Adult learning on a yellow background
There has never been a better time to focus on you! Whether you are looking to upskill, boost your career, improve your wellbeing or simply learn a new skill. With a wide range of flexible online courses and 1:1 support for adults across Lancashire. These programmes are tailored to suit every need.
The Lancashire Colleges on a yellow background.
If you want to develop new skills to help you in your current job or to change career Lancashire’s colleges offer a wide range of exciting education and training opportunities that you can study on a full-time or part-time basis.
Able Futures
Provides mental health support to people who are working, an Apprentice or furloughed. Qualified mental health care professionals help people address their worries and learn to cope.
If you’re wanting to boost your skills, Free Courses for Jobs could be your next step to a better job. From today, even more adults can take advantage and gain a free Level 3 qualification (equivalent to A levels). • If you earn below the National Living Wage annually (£18,525) • or you are unemployed • or do not already hold an A level-equivalent qualification There are over 400 free courses on offer linking to a wide variety of different sectors.

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