Train an apprentice

Are you looking to upskill your current workforce? Did you know that apprenticeship funding can be used for any age group and can also be used for your current teams?

We are in the midst of changing times for employers and apprenticeships in Lancashire, and collectively we want to support employers in creating the workforce they need.  We want to enable employers to recruit, upskill and provide quality training for Lancashire residents with the county’s employers.

More than 10,000 businesses in the county benefit from offering apprenticeships, research shows work based learning boosts productivity, improves business performance and delivers a committed and competent workforce.

Lancashire WBL Executive Forum and its member providers and colleges are dedicated to enabling employers to make the most of recruiting and training apprentices in a number of ways.

Whether employers are looking to recruit new staff or upskill their existing workforce, help is readily available. By using Lancashire training providers and colleges, employers will receive sector updates, shared practice and development news.

What are the benefits?

Employers operating apprenticeship programmes also enjoy many additional benefits in relation to upskilling their current workforce:

There are major benefits for existing staff. Employers are increasingly using apprenticeship programmes to support staff development for their current workforce. With lots of qualifications to choose form and a selection of high quality colleges and training providers waiting to offer businesses support, there are more reasons to get involved.

Who is it for?

Lancashire employers and their employees of any age.

How do I find out more and apply?

If you are looking to upskill your existing employee then have a look on the LWBLEF website

Also take a look at the SORTED information as this details providers and colleges who deliver apprenticeships in Lancashire and their offer.

Contact Tim Cutler for more information on