Project Directory

Details of skills and employment support
programmes in Lancashire

The Project Directory will help you find details of  and signpost you to the current skills support projects that help Lancashire businesses inspire people, recruit, improve workforce skills, create new jobs, tap into sources of skilled workers and improve skills in their industry.

We have also produced a summary of skills support projects for businesses in Lancashire, which is a useful reference guide to the funded skills support projects available, so that you can decide which projects are best suited to your business. Please find this here:

Lancashire Employer Guide to Skills Support Updated February 2024

There are also a number of projects which support Lancashire residents on their journey back into employment, by employers offering them work placements or volunteer opportunities, details of these can be found on the Skills for Work website.

Be an Enterprise Adviser

Enterprise Advisers are experienced people who may be employed, self-employed or retired, who volunteer to work closely with a specific school or college to motivate and support young people in their career aspirations.

Become an Apprenticeship Ambassador

The Lancashire Apprenticeship Ambassador Network is part of a county-wide drive to increase understanding of Apprenticeships and encourage more apprenticeship opportunities.

Help Young People Get Work Ready

Share your career journey and insights with young people in schools and colleges in your local community. Your unique industry knowledge and experience as someone who owns or works for a business can make a difference to the options a young person considers for their careers. You could be the person who changes the life of a young person, just by showing them what is possible.