Inclusive Workforce

Helping local people to gain employment


Everyone should be given the opportunity to improve their skills and make a positive contribute to Lancashire.

Inclusive Workforce objectives:

We want to make it easy for employers to find out more about projects which support pre-employment training and recruitment, sign up to the Lancashire Skills Pledge, where knowledgeable professionals can contact you to discuss how these projects will benefit your business.

  • Are you looking to build a competitive advantage through your team’s performance but struggle to fill vacancies?
  • Are are looking to fill your vacancies with better trained and skilled people?
  • Is recruiting new staff members costing you time and money?
  • Are you struggling recruiting the right type of people with the right skills?
  • Do you need support recruiting an Apprentice?

If the answer to these questions is yes then we can link you to projects which offer you support to recruit the people you need.

These projects can offer some up front staff development, ensuring your new recruits are more informed and better equipped to start their role within your organisation.

There are also projects supporting businesses to find just the right apprentices, so your organisation can grow your own stars.

See projects aligned to the Inclusive Workforce theme below.